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NIDPI established its position as a local distributor of high quality, Korea/Japan technology reflective materials for safety, It was founded in the Philippines dated January 2007. Our goal is to distribute very high quality yet low cost reflective
materials such as reflective tape, reflective film, reflective cone sleeves, reflective cushion drums, we also have luminus glow in the dark stickers, safety blinker batons, customized vests and stickers for reflective company's logo, and the like.
Since our establishment, we currently supply reflective materials to some of the top airline companies here in the Philippines such as Philippine Airlines, Asian Spirit, Air Philippines and Dornier Maintence. We are also a distributor to some major mechandizing companies located at Divisoria. Other company like Excellent Agency and to some garment factories who create Military, and Traffic Vests and seamen's uniform which is exported to Europe.     Read more......
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