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REFLECTION is the change in direction of wave front at an interface between two dissimilar media so that the wave front returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light, sound, and water waves. Whether the interfaces consists of dielectric-conductor or dieelectric-dieelectric, the phase of the reflected wave may or may not be inverted.
A mirror-like reflection, Specular reflection is a reflection of light from a smooth surface that is reflected to the opposite angle of the original light source. Reflected light is rflected directly to the original light source only if reflected at a 90 angle to the light source.
When light strikes a rough or granular surface surface, it bounces off in all directions due to microscopic irregularities of the interface. Thus, an image is not formed. This is called diffuse reflection. the exact of the reflection depends on the structure of the surface.
Retroreflection occurs when surfaces return the directed light to its source. This is why retro-reflective materials appear brightest to observers located near the light source. For example, a person who drives a car using vehicle headlights can view any angle , which makes retro-reflective surfaces excellent for night visibility.
Retro-reflective materials offer high visibility 0f 500 RA, which can be incorporated directly into fabrics for use in safety vests , safely vests, safety jackets, safety trims and other protection. Our product range consists of reflective fabrics, reflective tape, reflective PVC sheets, and many other miscellaneous items in process with our newest Science and Trade technologies imparted through our clients.

Photo-luminescent products (Glow in the dark) can absorb and store light energy. It continously emits energy in a form of visible light for an extended period in the total darkness.